Bill Moorhead, P.E.
Specific Experience Summary

  • Prepare and deliver Board and Committee presentations on District Projects.

  • Assembled review team and select consultants for District projects.

  • Developed scope, selected consultant  and managed District Water Master Plan

  • Manage projects related to water transmission and storage as well as wastewater collections systems.

  • Perform cost estimating studies and evaluate all civil engineering projects to ensure conformance with state, local and federal regulatory requirements.

  • Manage engineering, technical and administrative staff  that provide a supporting role in key capital projects within the District.

  • Develop assessment techniques to improve economics and professional engineering standards of District’s capital projects.   

  • Write reports related to grant funding, master plans process control, biosolids management, disinfection and odor reduction.

  • Perform cost estimating studies for various projects and review submittals as necessary for water and wastewater projects.

  • Assist in troubleshooting problems in water treatment, distribution and storage facilities as well as wastewater treatment facilities.

  • Prepared process-engineering calculations, reports and studies and provided technical support and project management for treatment plant staff.

  • Assisted in the operation of and provided recommendations for the optimization of 40 MGD reverse osmosis, microfiltration, gravity filtration, settling and dewatering facilities.

  • Monitored water quality and prepared monthly reports for West Basin staff that described operational costs and initiatives of the main facility as well as outlying facilities providing high quality industrial water to oil refineries.

  • Reviewed and/or prepared compliance and monitoring reports.

  • Prepared process-engineering calculations, reports and studies and provided technical support for treatment plant staff.

  • Reviewed Capital Improvement plans and specifications.

  • Represented the O & M Department in the Capital Improvement Process and coordinated review with field staff.

  • Assisted in troubleshooting process upsets and facility problems.

Presentations for WEF, Tri-State and CWEA

  • "Key Components of a Successful Inflow/Infiltration Project"

  • "Review of Nutrient Removal Projects"

  • "Computer Applications in Treatment Plant Operations" 

  • "Startup of Denitrification Facilities"

  • "Controlling Odors at Your Treatment Plant" 

  • "Safety, What Can the Operator Do?" 

  • "Practicing Energy Management"