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Bill Moorhead, P.E.
Laguna Niguel City Council Presentation
September 18, 2018

Mayor, Council, Staff, and residents of Laguna Niguel:


My name is Bill Moorhead, and I am a candidate for Director of the Moulton Niguel Water District. I am a resident of Mission Viejo, and former resident of Laguna Niguel.

I am a California Licensed Principal Water Engineer with a Master's degree in Civil/Environmental Engineering and have been in the water and wastewater field for 42 years. I started in the field unplugging sewers, fixing main breaks…ultimately advancing as a water quality lab biologist. I progressed to the top levels of licensed water/wastewater operations. I currently hold a management position in Water Engineering for Anaheim, the largest city in Orange County…the 10th largest in California.  


These past 42 years I have directed efforts towards my profession to help the field prepare for increasing environmental, water and wastewater challenges, regarding water supply, distribution, storage and wastewater disposal. I now desire to increase such focus on my community. Currently Moulton Niguel Water District serves 6 different cities at a rate of 8 billion gallons per year. Laguna Niguel receives 100% of its water from Moulton Niguel Water District.

In South Orange County, water agencies are all dependent on each other. We are at a critical point in the cooperation between various agencies. Districts must all manage common sources of supply, its distribution and wastewater disposal. This requires increasing attention to the maintenance and management of our infrastructure and the setting of District policies.

As a Candidate for Director of the Moulton Niguel Water District I have the experience and qualifications and—most of all—the passion for water.

I am running on November 6th, not to challenge the Board or District staff. I am running to join the Board.  We have been given great service since the District’s inception…and it is critical that this legacy and responsibility be carried forward. I am running for the Moulton Niguel Water District for ALL the right reasons—to serve Laguna Niguel and the surrounding communities. And, it should be noted, to show my passion and commitment, I am funding my own campaign.


We are fortunate to enjoy clean, reliable water. We can continue to enjoy that, if we work together. I can be one instrument of that cooperation.


I only ask voters to be informed, spend time to learn about me and the issues—and please vote. There is more at stake than one may realize. With my experience, education and intimate knowledge of the local water issues, you will be well served with me on the Moulton Niguel Water District Board.


To learn more about me and my positions, please visit my website:


Water is Life. Water is My Life.        


Thank you for listening.

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