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2018 campaign emails

Email 1
It's time.
  Moulton Niguel Water District needs a Director who has 40+ years of water/wastewater experience, is involved in local and regional issues…and wants to hear from you!  Read more >

Email 2
What water issues are important to you?
I’ve been hearing from voters about their concerns regarding water issues, and I want to let you know that I will make your concerns my top priority when I’m elected Director, Moulton Niguel Water District. Read more >

Email 3
I've made a pledge. This week I announced that I'm pledging to give 10% of my net monetary income as Director, if elected, to a worthy LOCAL environmental or educational organization. Read more >

Email 4
Real experience DOES matter. "...the most impressive and the relevant experience and education for the position..."  Read more >

Email 5

3 things you should know about me, my experience, and what's at stake in this election!  Read more >

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